Plan a Little Togetherness.

Who's bringing what, without the spreadsheets & hassle!

Finally, a do-it-all tool for easy party organizing. Item Selection, In-Event Chat, and a private space for guests to upload photos, comments, and memories. All with no app download required.

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The party practically plans itself!

With item selection and chat built right in, everyone knows who’s bringing what without the endless back-and-forth!


Whether a small gathering or a massive shindig, rest easy knowing you won't end up with 10 bags of chips and no dip.

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Exploring the world or just your neighborhood? We make sure everyone knows who's responsible for what, and nobody forgets the cooler.

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The Experience Doesn't End with the Planning!

FREE unlimited photo uploads from all guests means you'll never have to say "Hey, text me that pic!"

Potluck automatically stores your favorite moments and memories and they stay yours forever, for free, even if you cancel your membership!

Think of your Potluck Moments Calendar as your real-world social life, beautifully organized in an easy-to-navigate album!



Keep up with what you're hosting and what you're attending, and quickly see how many have RSVP’d to each event.



Don't forget setup and clean up duties! Assign Collaborators to get a helping hand (and maybe get your dishes washed.)

In event chat feature

In-Event Chat

Your guests don't need to swap info and move between text and email chains to communicate. Your event page has chat built right in, so stop chasing people down!

Create flow

Intuitive Create Flow

Outline everything you need to do and everything your guests need to know with our step-by-step planning tool.

Unlimited everything

Unlimited everything - no app download required

Potluck allows you to host an unlimited number of parties or outings, invite unlimited guests via email or text, and have unlimited guest photo uploads for the duration of your membership.

And to be clear: Guests never pay and are not required to create a membership to attend your events.

See Monthly and Annual Membership pricing here.

Private and Secure

Private and Secure

You have full control over who sees what and how private or public you’d like to make each of your events.

Potluck does not have advertisers or sell your data to 3rd parties, ever. No news feeds. No invasive advertising. Just simple togetherness.

Items list

Item/Task Selection

You build a list of needs; your guests and collaborators work out who's bringing and doing what. The party plans itself!


Moments Pages

Each of your events come with a beautifully designed shared space to swap photos and stories after the fun ends. Your Moments Pages stay available to you forever, for free, even if you cancel your membership.

All built on a promise to keep our users truly first.

Potluck was created as an all-in-one, easy to use platform to organize any form of event or outing where guests might ask, “What should I bring?”

Along with that, our Founders strongly believe in creating a platform whose first and only focus is its users, not advertisers. We wanted an easier and more secure way to share photos and experiences with our loved ones, and we’re excited to bring the same to you!