Frequently Asked Questions

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Do my guests need to be Potluck Members to RSVP to my events?

Nope! We designed Potluck to be as flexible and easy to use as possible while retaining the ability to save item selections. Guests will not need to create a membership or go through any form of payment when they RSVP for your events.

Guests do need to create a simple login with password, however, so that their item selections can be saved and they can be identified by you and by the system should they need to come back and make changes throughout the planning process. This login also gives them access to your Moments Page and allows them to upload photos and interact with other guests.

Guest logins only need to be created once, the first time they RSVP to an event. They will never need to create another login no matter how many events they attend over time!

Can my Guests access my Moments Pages without a Membership?

Absolutely! All guests retain full access to Moments Pages of events they attended forever, no Membership required. Even if you, as a Host, cancel your Membership, you will still retain access to all of your Moments Pages on the Potluck platform forever, for free! This includes the ability to upload photos and engage with the photos uploaded by the other attendees of each event.

Does a Host or any Guest have to download an app to use Potluck?

No download required! We wanted to ensure your guests have the easiest process possible when RSVP'ing for events, so we decided to build a browser-based platform that does not require an app download to be used on a mobile phone.

To be clear, Potluck does work perfectly on your mobile phone, through your Internet browser. We designed our platform to look and work beautifully on any mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop without requiring any download.

What's the difference between a "Guest" and a "Co-Host"?

- A Co-Host is someone you designate to help out with the setup and planning of your event. Co-Hosts have the ability to edit the event details, the items list, and the guest list.

- A Guest is anyone you're inviting to the party! Guests do not have the ability to edit your guest list or items needed, but can fully interact with your event page including selecting what they'll bring, adding comments, and chatting.

Guests and Co-Hosts will have access to your events Moments Page and can upload photos, comment and like on others' photos, and remember: Access to your Moments Page remains open and free forever for all in attendance!

Do I lose access to my Moments Pages and all my photos if I cancel my Membership?

Never! If you cancel your Potluck Membership, you do not lose access to your Moments Calendar or any of your Moments Pages, including all of the photos uploaded by you and your guests. This access remains open to you forever, for free!

To be clear, a Potluck Membership is only required to host new events. Potluck Moment's Pages are created automatically for the events you host on the Potluck platform, and it is not possible to create a Moments Page without using the Potluck Planning Tool to host your event.

I have attended several parties organized with Potluck, but am not a Member. How can I access the Moments Pages for all the events I've attended?

All guests are provided a Moments Dashboard that keeps all of the events you've attended organized and easy to navigate! When you RSVP'd for an event, you were asked to create a log in so that your item selections and photos could be saved for the Host, and you can use that same log in information to access your Moments Dashboard. Once you are logged in you will be able to upload photos and interact with the Host and other guests for each of the parties you attended.

I have questions or thoughts about the Potluck platform. How can I contact the team?

We'd love to hear from you! Shoot an email over to and we'll get back to you shortly.