What exactly is Potluck?

We know you, the organizer, have more important things to do than creating spreadsheets, having long back-and-forth email chains, and trying to chase down that one guest that hasn’t RSVP’d. We also know you don’t want all your photos and memories to disappear down the black hole of the Internet.

With Potluck’s intuitive party, outing, and trip planning app, you can:

Ultimately, our product is here to help you save time and stay connected with those you see IRL (In Real Life.) If you are using our platform and believe we are NOT living up to these promises, we would love to hear from you!

Just shoot an email over to hello@potluck.us, and we look forward to hearin' from y'all!

Potluck’s Mission is to nurture a sense of community by continually inspiring shared experiences among friends, family, and neighbors.

We accomplish this by staying true to our core purpose: To provide an elegant and simple platform that adds value to our users' shared experiences.

Potluck's Founders were born in Small-Town USA (Mississippi, y’all!) and believe strongly that technology should serve one purpose: simplify your life, don't distract from it.

So, with that in mind, everything we build starts and ends with you. Our singular focus is answering the question, “What are our users doing on a day-to-day basis that our technology can simplify?” If an idea we have does not deliver on this answer, we don’t build it.

We also believe news feeds and advertising do nothing to provide value to your shared experiences, so we cut them out! Creating a membership platform means our true customer will always be you and never the highest bidder, which is why we also make the following promises to you: