Combatting the Epidemic of Loneliness start with simplifying the effort of getting together with those you love.

Our Mission is to nurture a sense of community by inspiring shared experiences among friends,
family, neighbors and coworkers.

Our Core Purpose is eradicating the epidemic of loneliness. We believe strongly that a shared experience is a shared memory, which is the most powerful form of connection.

This drives everything we do, from product design to business decisions. It is the reason we protect our users experience and that of their guests with unwavering dedication. We cannot fulfill this mission if our core customer isn't our users, which is why we will remain a subscription-based platform. We answer to you, and always will.

Ultimately, our platform is here to help you save time, organize your community, and stay connected in meaningful ways. We provide all the communication and organizing tools you need to simplify the process of figuring out who's bringing what, managing your RSVPs, and staying connected via our photo-sharing platform, Potluck Moments.

If you are using our platform and believe we are not living up to these promises, we would love to hear from you!

Just shoot an email over to, and we'd be happy to chat.