It's the biggest game of the football season, make sure you're ready!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a football fan all throughout the season or just love a good party. With the big game coming up, everyone is getting pumped for kickoff to watch the top teams go head-to-head.

Here are some big game party planning tips to help you cheer on your team!


Big Game Planning Checklist

1.    Divide and Conquer

2.    Test Your Tech Equipment  

3.    Set Up Your Viewing Space

4.    Keep Kids Entertained

5.    Organize Some Games

6.    Cheer on Your Team

Divide and Conquer

Your favorite football stars rely on teamwork to secure the championship, so apply this same concept to big game party planning. To start, you can use Potluck to coordinate who is bringing what for food and drinks. This is also a perfect place for guests to volunteer for decorating, cooking tasks, and cleanup.

With in-event chat, you don’t need to manage multiple email chains and group texts. Whew, what a relief! And your guests don’t need a Potluck membership to join the conversation!


Sports party planning tip #1: Stock a cooler with ice near your TV setup so that your guests don’t have to go all the way to the fridge and miss the game when they want a beverage.


Test Your Tech Equipment  

Nothing ruins a sports viewing party quite like technical difficulties, so get your TV and other audio/visual equipment set up well in advance of game day. Test your connections to make sure everything is working so that your guests don’t miss a single second of the game.


Set Up Your Viewing Space

Sprawling sectionals and plush sofas are wonderful for game day parties, but you don’t need to invest in a bunch of new furniture just for the occasion. To make sure everyone has a comfy place to sit, you can pick up some versatile bean bag chairs and inexpensive cushions to make your floor space more inviting. Or just drag in as many couches and chairs from other rooms of the house that will fit around the TV!


Sports party planning tip #2: Have a backup TV available in the house, if possible, just in case something goes awry with your main setup at the last minute.


Keep Kids Entertained

While some kids love watching football games, others could honestly care less and are just dragged along by their parents. If you want to host a family-friendly event, set up a separate play area for little ones that’s stocked with games, art supplies, and toys. This way, they can have a fun time at the party too without distracting adults who are trying to focus on the game.


Organize Some Games 

Diehard football fans probably don’t need much more from their game day party than a TV screen, some chips, and a couple beers. But if your guest list includes people who aren’t big sports fans, you can make the event more fun by organizing a few themed games. Play a game of bingo during commercial breaks or plan a trivia game so your guests can learn more the annual game day tradition. There’s also nothing wrong with tossing a football around in the yard before or after the game to get your guests outside and active!


Cheer on Your Team 

Will your guests all be rooting for the same team or is there some rivalry among your group? Either way, your big game planning checklist should include some themed decorations in the teams’ colors or that are just football-themed more generally. Banners, streamers, balloons, and funny hats are perfect for game day!


Although a football watch party might seem simple enough to plan, lots of hosts get caught up in the details and stressed out on game day. POTLUCK™ is the latest and greatest party planning tool that you need for the big game!